The late summer of 2016 finds me amidst silk fabric samples and hexagonal patterns. Having always been somewhat of a dandy, I adopted wearing (and appreciating) those ‘colourful handkerchiefs, folded and tucked playfully inside a jacket’s pocket’ soon in life. So much, it eventually inspires me to found Two Fold Square, a brand of pocket squares. I immediately strive for its premise to be different from those I owe myself, though. A ‘TFSQ’ pocket square must be fully unique (with only so many of them produced) and designed by an artist (whose story inspires the result.) I call in the help of Geertrui Storms, a former intern and amazing hand lettering artist, to draw edition I.

Online sales are slow but steady (but offline soars and I’m alive with enthusiasm) and I’m soon joined by my friend Gunter Zoetaert with the intention to expand. We release edition II and III simultaneously and aim for expanding into the retail boutique market.

Two Fold Square teaches (and continues to teach) me a lot of valuable lessons. Finding the best combinations in supply chain management, balancing both on- and offline sales and remaining vigilant in a luxury market saturated with offerings remains a challenging but inspiring feat.