I worked in close collaboration with Antwerp based start-up HEW Pharma to create Tinge, a lifestyle brand for a wholly new and unique line of cosmetics.


Of the three founders at HEW Pharma, one is a pharmacist, the other an engineer. There’s a joke in there somewhere, but seriously; they don’t look at their creation the way we do. I included that particular innocence to devise the brand name. Tinge. A trace of a feeling, imbued with quality.

All natural. A proposition

Most claim it, few prove it. Tinge can and does. From contents to packaging. I choose to further portray this exceptional selling point by aiming for see-through container-fluids and putting strong visual focus on the containing ingredients in all collateral. Because they are what’s in the product. At an incredible high percentage.

Shelf space war win

To emphasize the quality of their product throughout, Tinge sells exclusively via pharmacies. They act as ambassadors and are one of the brand’s first touchpoints. For shelf promotion, I designed a unique display which can hold multiple rows of products (with tiny wooden supports, adaptable to meet different product sizes — Tinge’s engineer came up with this, it’s real smart) allowing a pharmacist to compose a stand as he sees fit. A slot in the display allows for interchangeable backboards featuring a product’s key visual.

Social media marketing. #betinge

To gain awareness and visibility, I drew up an extensive blueprint for Tinge’s social media presence. Day-to-month marketing plans, brand voice guidelines and reusable templates now allow the team to create their own assets for Instagram and Facebook (they love going overboard with it.)

I designed and developed a lead generating website, showcasing all products and ingredients. It also features a dynamic store locator.