Life Expert Centre

Life Expert Centre in Leuven, Belgium is a highly specialised and state of the art outpatient centre. I launched their brand to market and develop ongoing outreach initiatives to both patients and doctors.

Identity design

I chose to work with a DNA string as a symbol for life. Life, capturing the essence of the centre’s expertise and know-how.

Interior design

Together with architect Manuel Gordts, I gave form to the centre’s interior. Conceptually, we strived for a sterile but inviting environment with a high-tech appearance. I really loved producing two 15m wide wallprints.

Brand extensions

A multitude of brand components were and continue to be created. Anything from door signs, intake forms and appointments cards to informal, scientific and commercial communications for, by and towards doctors and patients are designed and developed per a meticulous style guide.

A passive touchpoint

While the centre’s staff and care is highly attuned to its patients, a little waiting is sometimes unavoidable. As a means of informing, I created digested slides for all experts and their specialisations and combined them into a presentation which plays on TV’s throughout the centre.

Means of advertising are limited for the centre so the website (and social media, to an extent) are utilised to its fullest. Thus I actively direct and maintain a presence; all the while remaining true to the brand’s tone and voice.