Mist hides the horizon of the Kruibeekse Polder, making what lies beyond seemingly continue forever.

I’m asked by Dr. Nathalie Cools to devise and develop a brand presence for H2020 ReSToRe — a potential cure for multiple sclerosis. For the mark, I chose to go with a depiction of a dendritic cell, capturing the essence of the cure’s technique. My work includes designing the visual identity, developing a website and initiating a social media campaign.

I’m hired by Antwerp based pharma start-up HEW to create Tinge, a natural cosmetics brand and and push their launch to market.

Duties include brand discovery, activation and design and developing marketing strategy. Being hands-on, I define their brand name and design the identity, website and brand assets.

Maritime consortium Simbolo requests a next-gen Track & Trace application for one of their companies. The original self-made solution, developed piecemeal over the years is suffering from digital wear and tear at the cost of user retention and, more dire, the company’s image.Together with iTEQ Rotterdam, the supplier of the group’s backbone infrastructure, I design and develop a comprehensible and friendly (and mobile first) alternative. It becomes a primary customer touchpoint.

Having the opportunity to oversee both creative and technical becomes a huge turning point.