brand strategy & design by Kristoff Bertram, Antwerp Belgium

Welcome to the portfolio of Kristoff Bertram. 
I’m a brand strategist & designer with a hands-on mentality and entrepreneurial mindset, capable of skilfully aligning ideology and aesthetics.

working with me

I’m a generalist, adapted at working on multidisciplinary challenges. This experience stems from years of agency employment (including my own) and being present at the helm of several companies across a multitude of industries. Having participated in (or launched) dozens of initiatives, I’ve worn many hats and thus gained the ability to provide the type of holistic design solutions a new or transformative brand ideally requires.

my approach

I offer a great dose of pragmatic practicality, a tried-and-tested business acumen and a cultivated sense of aesthetics.
I tend to be fast paced and uncomplicated. My style is direct and, while thought-out, unhindered by superfluousness.
I prefer not to waste time, nor have yours wasted.

on budget

While no two projects are the same, I’m very proficient at providing an accurate estimate from the get-go, leaving us to move on to the fun stuff right away.


brand discovery
brand activation & marketing strategy
brand design
business design
digital transformation

communication & campaign
digital design & developing
naming, identity & design
print & packaging
toolkits & guidelines

My CV is an ongoing attempt at chronicling professional accomplishments, interspersed with major milestones, favourite projects and the occasional anecdote. Moments I consider all, directly and indirectly, guided the path I’m on today.

It’s short for “Curriculum Vanity”.

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currently attentive to

To counter ever returning requests for brand assets (“Can you forward me the logo?”), I provide my clients with use of my so-called BrandPack. An image browser in essence, it provides an intuitive way of browsing and downloading files. Clients love it. So much that I’ve decided to open-source it. Try it here or get a copy at GitHub.

I recently had to revisit my work for Netherlands based educational services provider Footprint. It’s a mark I designed in 2010 and I’m very pleased to see it still stands today.

Aided by my two fantastic buddies and talented photographers Sven Goewie and Stijn Vandenbussche, my associate Gunter and I took our friends out for a day to the countryside and have them star in a dedicated photoshoot for Two Fold Square. And I couldn’t be more happier with the results.

The past months saw me designing and directing another extension to the Tinge brand. The For Moms line will soon be available with Belgian pharmacies.