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Hello. I am Kristoff Bertram. A creative specialist and seasoned advisor. I guide and bring your idea, message or company into fruition.

On a professional level

I am a creative specialist with a hands-on mentality and entrepreneurial mindset. I’m a seasoned advisor when it comes to kickstarting or bootstrapping your business. I get hired where things need to get done.

Offering a great dose of pragmatic practicality, a tried-and-tested business acumen and an outstanding sense of aesthetics, I guide and support my clients bringing their venture, be that an idea, message or company, into fruition.

I take a personal interest in, and dedicate myself to, the success and goal achievement of my clients and the work they undertake.

On a personal note

I’m an avid reader and aspiring writer. I love portmanteau words.

I divide (or attempt to divide) my time between Antwerp, Belgium (where my girlfriend Alina and I live and my office is based) and Cape Town, South Africa (a country I spent large part of my adolescence and to which I’ve lost my heart.)


Having participated in, and launched, dozens of initiatives and companies, I’ve worn many hats and consequently gained the ability to tackle multidisciplinary projects and their challenges.

In particular, I specialize in
  • brand discovery
  • brand activation & marketing strategy
  • brand design
  • business design
  • digital transformation
And I’m totally hands-on with
  • communication & campaign
  • digital design & developing
  • naming, identity & graphic design
  • print & packaging
  • toolkits & guidelines

Please e-mail or call +32 474 702 712.
I’m also available to connect on LinkedIn.