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Welcome. This website serves as a professional forefront and personal outlet of Kristoff Bertram, a brand strategist & designer-developer, living in Antwerp, Belgium.

Working with me

I’m a generalist, adapted at working on multidisciplinary challenges. This experience stems from years of agency employment (including my own) and being present at the helm of several companies across a multitude of industries. Having participated in (or launched) dozens of initiatives, I’ve worn many hats and thus gained the ability to provide the type of holistic design solutions a new or transformative brand ideally requires.


I offer a great dose of pragmatic practicality, a tried-and-tested business acumen and a cultivated sense of aesthetics. I tend to be fast paced and uncomplicated. My style is direct and, while thought-out, unhindered by superfluousness. I prefer not to waste time, nor have yours wasted.


I’m a “hybrid designer-developer” whose roots lies in branding and advertising. My service buzzwords are: brand design & discovery, brand activation & marketing strategy, product & business design and digital transformation.


While no two projects are the same, I’m very proficient at providing an accurate estimate from the get-go, leaving us to move on to the fun stuff right away.

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I love collaboration of any kind and can serve as a reliable sounding board for your ideas.


December 2024.