Kristoff Bertram


I am a cross-media branding specialist who loves getting his hands dirty. I manage, define, design or develop a concept, message or project. Having participated in or launched dozens of initiatives and companies, I've worn many hats and consequently gained the ability to tackle multidisciplinary projects and their challenges.
A partial portfolio in PDF can be seen here.

I am also owner of a small branding firm, LogoDebut, where we offer logo, identity and web design for startups and small business (though we've been known to help the big guys too.)

Lastly, I curate and publish a blog called 'Wonderful Things' where I highlight beautiful music, good whisky, vintage furniture and a walk in the park ... everything I consider a 'Wonderful Thing'.

Oh, you may also have heard of Lilisto.

If you would like me to guide or support your project or brand, e-mail or call +32 474 702 712. Thank you for your interest.

To inspire and be inspired.